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Angelina Baltrukonis to Martha Baltruweit
Recent Updates & Additions to US Identify

Angelina Baltrukonis Carolann Baltrus Sabina Baltrusch Robin Baltrushes
Beverly Baltrukonis Charleen Baltrus Sandee Baltrusch Susan Baltrushes
Bruno Baltrukonis Devon Baltrus Shan Baltrusch Arleen Baltrushunas
Catherine Baltrukonis Doreene Baltrus Twyla Baltrusch Jan Baltrushunas
Daniel Baltrukonis Ethan Baltrus Varnal Baltrusch John Baltrushunas
Darius Baltrukonis Jerold Baltrus Velda Baltrusch Paul Baltrushunas
Haesuk Baltrukonis Jin Baltrus Doris Baltruschat Thomas Baltrushunas
Helen Baltrukonis Jini Baltrus Gerd Baltruschat Amy Baltrusis
James Baltrukonis Julianne Baltrus Roswitha Baltruschat Bart Baltrusis
Jonas Baltrukonis Macy Baltrus Uli Baltruschat Betty Baltrusis
Joseph Baltrukonis Morgan Baltrus Agnes Baltrush Carolyn Baltrusis
Matthew Baltrukonis Rose-Marie Baltrus Alvin Baltrush Carrie Baltrusis
Steven Baltrukonis Sarojini Baltrus Angela Baltrush Daniel Baltrusis
Vincent Baltrukonis Aldona Baltrusaiti Ann Baltrush Don Baltrusis
Anna Baltrukovicz Jeffrey Baltrusaiti Carmen Baltrush Eduardas Baltrusis
Benjamin Baltrukovicz Ben Baltrusaitif Carmilina Baltrush Edward Baltrusis
Elizabeth Baltrukovicz Algy Baltrusaitis Charles Baltrush Fred Baltrusis
James Baltrukovicz Alius Baltrusaitis Darla Baltrush Gayle Baltrusis
Nijole Baltrulionis Arvid Baltrusaitis David Baltrush Jacqueline Baltrusis
Ann Baltrum Arvydas Baltrusaitis Deborah Baltrush Lori Baltrusis
Dorothy Baltrum Benedict Baltrusaitis Dianne Baltrush Robert Baltrusis
Elizabeth Baltrum Bette Baltrusaitis Donald Baltrush Ronald Baltrusis
James Baltrum Caryn Baltrusaitis Donna Baltrush Samuel Baltrusis
Kristen Baltrum Darius Baltrusaitis Elena Baltrush Sharon Baltrusis
Kristin Baltrum Gilles Baltrusaitis Eric Baltrush Christina Baltrusitis
Lorraine Baltrum Gus Baltrusaitis Eugene Baltrush Clara Baltrusitis
Melani Baltrum Henriann Baltrusaitis Glenda Baltrush Dana Baltrusitis
Paul Baltrum Hillary Baltrusaitis Heather Baltrush Dorothy Baltrusitis
Rachel Baltrum Hunter Baltrusaitis James Baltrush Gregory Baltrusitis
Robert Baltrum Janset Baltrusaitis Jan Baltrush John Baltrusitis
Charlotte Baltrun Jillian Baltrusaitis Jane Baltrush Margaret Baltrusitis
Christine Baltrun Jonas Baltrusaitis Jeffrey Baltrush Margarita Baltrusitis
Elvera Baltrun Lynde Baltrusaitis Jennifer Baltrush Matthew Baltrusitis
Gregory Baltrun Madilyn Baltrusaitis John Baltrush Michael Baltrusitis
Jonathan Baltrun Mariann Baltrusaitis Juanita Baltrush Sean Baltrusitis
Joseph Baltrun Miles Baltrusaitis Katherine Baltrush Stacie Baltrusitis
Lori Baltrun Rimas Baltrusaitis Kathleen Baltrush Sue Baltrusitis
Mark Baltrun Robbin Baltrusaitis Linda Baltrush Susan Baltrusitis
Paul Baltrun Shawnee Baltrusaitis Madeline Baltrush Theresa Baltrusitis
Adam Baltrunas Sierra Baltrusaitis Michael Baltrush Vincent Baltrusitis
Barry Baltrunas Val Baltrusaitis Michelle Baltrush Mark Baltrusz
Biruta Baltrunas Virgilius Baltrusaitis Nicholas Baltrush Michele Baltrusz
Carl Baltrunas Vito Baltrusaitis Peter Baltrush Ronald Baltrusz
Cecilia Baltrunas Bernhardt Baltrusch Ricky Baltrush Stacy Baltrusz
Charles Baltrunas Chelsie Baltrusch Robert Baltrush Terry Baltrusz
Denise Baltrunas Christa Baltrusch Ronald Baltrush Alina Baltruszewicz
Dora Baltrunas Donya Baltrusch Rosemary Baltrush David Baltruszewicz
Evey Baltrunas Eddy Baltrusch Steven Baltrush Waldemar Baltruszewicz
Frances Baltrunas Ermalene Baltrusch William Baltrush Alberta Baltruweit
Imelda Baltrunas Forestar Baltrusch Bernard Baltrushaitis Annette Baltruweit
John Baltrunas Fran Baltrusch John Baltrushaitis Arthur Baltruweit
Jon Baltrunas Ila Baltrusch Karen Baltrushaitis Brittany Baltruweit
Lee Baltrunas Jen Baltrusch Mary Baltrushaitis Bruno Baltruweit
Michael Baltrunas Jolene Baltrusch Victor Baltrushaitis Cynthia Baltruweit
Myrtle Baltrunas Kathie Baltrusch Ann Baltrushes Dietmar Baltruweit
Nancy Baltrunas Klaus Baltrusch Anne Baltrushes Gerhard Baltruweit
Paul Baltrunas Libby Baltrusch Ethel Baltrushes Gerhardt Baltruweit
Peter Baltrunas Margo Baltrusch Jacquelyn Baltrushes Helmut Baltruweit
Robert Baltrunas Markus Baltrusch Janice Baltrushes Karen Baltruweit
Ronald Baltrunas Milo Baltrusch Joseph Baltrushes Kenneth Baltruweit
Victor Baltrunas Nate Baltrusch Lisa Baltrushes Marianne Baltruweit
Wendy Baltrunas Nikki Baltrusch Nicole Baltrushes Martha Baltruweit
Birute Baltrus Otto Baltrusch

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