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Marg Balsiger to Dietmar Balske
Recent Updates & Additions to US Identify

Marg Balsiger Polly Balsillie Olivia Balsinde Bronselo Balsis
Margery Balsiger Robert Balsillie Sergio Balsinde Corinne Balsis
Marlin Balsiger Sheila Balsillie Silvia Balsinde Elenor Balsis
Mavis Balsiger Tom Balsillie Sophia Balsinde Emmelynn Balsis
Nelle Balsiger Tony Balsillie Thomas Balsinde Jeanine Balsis
Nikki Balsiger Tracey Balsillie Sing Balsing Jessi Balsis
Orval Balsiger Trina Balsillie Connie Balsingame Ladonna Balsis
Quinn Balsiger Tristan Balsillie Gina Balsingame Margo Balsis
Sallie Balsiger Carl Balsilliie Kim Balsingame Marilou Balsis
Sharman Balsiger Carl Balsillio Tonya Balsingame Nadeen Balsis
Steevn Balsiger Anatoly Balsim Debby Balsinger Remedios Balsis
Susanne Balsiger Bozhenna Balsim Deloris Balsinger Remigia Balsis
Suzi Balsiger Eva Balsim Estil Balsinger Remy Balsis
Tad Balsiger Igor Balsim Geri Balsinger Rena Balsis
Tamar Balsiger Jerry Balsim Joretta Balsinger Shay Balsis
Therese Balsiger Louis Balsim Kathi Balsinger Tianna Balsis
Thurman Balsiger Yuly Balsim Kelye Balsinger Alisha Balsitis
Verlin Balsiger Linnea Balsima Laurene Balsinger Davis Balsitis
Von Balsiger Lynette Balsiman Sammie Balsinger Lorrayne Balsitis
Yoko Balsiger Carol Balsimelli Aaron Balsingh Miracle Balsitis
Laurie Balsigis Denise Balsimelli Cherie Balsingh Sheanne Balsitis
Barry Balsille Robert Balsimelli Luke Balsingh Truedi Balsitis
Carl Balsille Roberto Balsimelli Monica Balsingh Adam Balsiunas
Robert Balsille Silvana Balsimelli Ramraj Balsingh Bruce Balsius
Aaron Balsillie Bridgett Balsimo Terrence Balsingh Pat Balsiwicz
Ann Balsillie Brigieta Balsimo Tracey Balsingh Ana Balsizer
Barry Balsillie Dina Balsimo Beatriz Balsinha Barbara Balsizer
Catherine Balsillie Elenore Balsimo Orlandino Balsinha Bethann Balsizer
Charmaine Balsillie Gena Balsimo Ahmad Balsini Carl Balsizer
Christine Balsillie Harrison Balsimo Claudio Balsini Carol Balsizer
Christopher Balsillie Janeen Balsimo Brittney Balsink Craig Balsizer
Clayton Balsillie Janette Balsimo Bruce Balsink Dale Balsizer
Dale Balsillie Jeannine Balsimo Carla Balsink Dawn Balsizer
David Balsillie Jolene Balsimo Dana Balsink Diane Balsizer
Derek Balsillie Kali Balsimo Edward Balsink Ellen Balsizer
Doug Balsillie Lyn Balsimo Julie Balsink Jack Balsizer
Edward Balsillie Marina Balsimo Melba Balsink James Balsizer
Frank Balsillie Rina Balsimo Michael Balsink Jane Balsizer
George Balsillie Rob Balsimo Mike Balsink Jason Balsizer
Gloria Balsillie Skye Balsimo Bart Balsino Jeffrey Balsizer
Grant Balsillie Therese Balsimo Christopher Balsino Judith Balsizer
Greg Balsillie Woody Balsimo Jaclyn Balsino Judy Balsizer
Hilda Balsillie Zach Balsimo Joyce Balsino Lewis Balsizer
Ian Balsillie Zachery Balsimo Lori Balsino Linda Balsizer
Irene Balsillie Alex Balsin Niel Balsino Lisa Balsizer
James Balsillie Dmitry Balsin Peter Balsino Lois Balsizer
Jane Balsillie Lesha Balsin Samantha Balsino Mark Balsizer
Janet Balsillie Michael Balsin Vita Balsino Michelle Balsizer
John Balsillie Sandra Balsin Ruthie Balsio Nancy Balsizer
Joni Balsillie Vanda Balsina Andre Balsirow Patricia Balsizer
Kathleen Balsillie Alejandro Balsinde Bemba Balsirow Rebecca Balsizer
Keith Balsillie Alyssa Balsinde Galina Balsirow Reynold Balsizer
Kenneth Balsillie Beatrice Balsinde George Balsirow Roger Balsizer
Kim Balsillie Bruce Balsinde Naran Balsirow Ruth Balsizer
Kimberly Balsillie Carlos Balsinde Serge Balsirow William Balsizer
Lanie Balsillie Deadra Balsinde Sophia Balsirow Ana Balske
Lester Balsillie Edith Balsinde Venera Balsirow Bradley Balske
Lisa Balsillie Elena Balsinde Viktoria Balsirow Cara Balske
Lois Balsillie Lissette Balsinde Aemus Balsis Christopher Balske
Louis Balsillie Martha Balsinde Bernie Balsis Curt Balske
Martin Balsillie Melody Balsinde Bnan Balsis Dennis Balske
Patricia Balsillie Miguel Balsinde Broneslo Balsis Dietmar Balske
Patrick Balsillie Miriam Balsinde

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