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Beverly Balshaw to Maranda Balsiger
Recent Updates & Additions to US Identify

Beverly Balshaw Elena Balshen John Balshum Kibbie Balsick
Celeste Balshaw Inna Balshen Alexis Balshunas Krista Balsick
Chris Balshaw Lazar Balshen Amy Balshuweit Kristin Balsick
Christopher Balshaw Lenny Balshen Carol Balshuweit Louise Balsick
Cynthia Balshaw Leonid Balshen Edward Balshuweit Luke Balsick
David Balshaw Valeria Balshen Elizabeth Balshuweit Marguerete Balsick
Donna Balshaw Andrew Balshi Eric Balshuweit Marianne Balsick
Ellen Balshaw Anne Balshi George Balshuweit Mark Balsick
Ethel Balshaw Annie Balshi James Balshuweit Marynel Balsick
Faith Balshaw Caitlin Balshi Jamie Balshuweit Raymond Balsick
Fred Balshaw Christopher Balshi Janet Balshuweit Renee Balsick
Geoffrey Balshaw Cynthia Balshi Jim Balshuweit Ryan Balsick
Gloria Balshaw James Balshi Lisa Balshuweit Sandra Balsick
Graeme Balshaw Jill Balshi Mary Balshuweit Sydney Balsick
Greta Balshaw Joanne Balshi Robert Balshuweit Taijuana Balsick
James Balshaw Joseph Balshi Terry Balshuweit Tessa Balsick
Jane Balshaw Josephine Balshi William Balshuweit Brittany Balside
Janet Balshaw Kimberly Balshi Wilma Balshuweit Charles Balside
John Balshaw Michael Balshi Anthony Balshy Laura Balside
Julienne Balshaw Paulette Balshi Carey Balshy Marjorie Balside
Kathy Balshaw Phil Balshi John Balshy Michelle Balside
Mary Balshaw Stephen Balshi Rita Balshy Sarah Balside
Maurice Balshaw Thomas Balshi Beverly Balsi Sheli Balside
Milton Balshaw Tim Balshi Bill Balsi Terri Balside
Monique Balshaw Timothy Balshi Dana Balsi Tim Balside
Pauline Balshaw Dmitry Balshin Daniel Balsi William Balside
Philip Balshaw Dorian Balshin David Balsi Zachary Balside
Robert Balshaw Faina Balshin Genevieve Balsi Andrew Balsie
Stephanie Balshaw Lori Balshin Gloria Balsi Jacqueline Balsie
Thomas Balshaw Marc Balshin Grace Balsi Lauren Balsie
Ayman Balshe Marianna Balshin Jeannette Balsi Marie Balsie
Wissam Balshe Marina Balshin Linda Balsi Mary Balsie
Abdullatif Balsheh Michael Balshin Mark Balsi Robert Balsie
Ayman Balsheh Micheal Balshin Nancy Balsi Kathy Balsieca
Ibrahem Balsheh Murray Balshin Nello Balsi Liuda Balsiene
Ibrahim Balsheh Richard Balshin Norma Balsi Neringa Balsiene
Mazen Balsheh Sam Balshin Paul Balsi Patrick Balsier
Alina Balshem Steven Balshin Paula Balsi Maria Balsiero
Andrew Balshem Vladimir Balshin Vernon Balsi Amie Balsiger
Arthur Balshem Wayne Balshin William Balsi Avery Balsiger
Celines Balshem Mariya Balshina Kim Balsibs Benita Balsiger
Deborah Balshem Dror Balshine David Balsic Chuck Balsiger
Eugene Balshem Lorne Balshine Deborah Balsic Danika Balsiger
Harold Balshem Lynn Balshine Mark Balsic Danna Balsiger
Holly Balshem Michael Balshine Milos Balsic Deonne Balsiger
Howard Balshem Ron Balshine Ned Balsic Eldon Balsiger
Jeanne Balshem Ronald Balshine Nadija Balsich Emilie Balsiger
Jonathan Balshem Carl Balshko Rudy Balsich Fritz Balsiger
Lois Balshem Benjamin Balshone Adam Balsick Gord Balsiger
Lyubov Balshem Bruce Balshone Alan Balsick Heide Balsiger
Mark Balshem Joseph Balshone Andrew Balsick Jewell Balsiger
Martha Balshem Marianne Balshone David Balsick Jode Balsiger
Maureen Balshem Albert Balshor Deborah Balsick Kayleen Balsiger
Norma Balshem Frances Balshor Diane Balsick Kraig Balsiger
Paul Balshem Jerald Balshor Fe Balsick Leann Balsiger
Peter Balshem Jerry Balshor Feana Balsick Lenora Balsiger
Rachel Balshem Marie Balshor Glenna Balsick Les Balsiger
Rebecca Balshem Susan Balshor Heather Balsick Lorianne Balsiger
Sheryl Balshem Sergei Balshov James Balsick Lorinda Balsiger
Stewart Balshem Anthony Balshuesman Jenna Balsick Lyndsay Balsiger
Tatania Balshem Harry Balshuesman John Balsick Mackenzie Balsiger
Tatyana Balshem Kevin Balshuesman Joyce Balsick Maranda Balsiger
William Balshem Susan Balshukat

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