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Jr Balser to Barbara Balshaw
Recent Updates & Additions to US Identify

Jr Balser Sherryl Balser Zoila Balsera Cheryl Balsey
Juliana Balser Skylar Balser Eduardo Balsera-Perez Dewitt Balsey
Julianne Balser Stan Balser Charlotte Balserab Fritz Balsey
Junior Balser Stanene Balser James Balserac Greg Balsey
Kaitlynn Balser Suzie Balser Earl Balserait Jack Balsey
Kalynn Balser Tamela Balser Jason Balserait Larry Balsey
Karianne Balser Tatyana Balser John Balserait Margie Balsey
Katheryn Balser Theo Balser Julie Balserait Pam Balsey
Kathie Balser Thompson Balser Daniel Balserak Ramona Balsey
Kayoko Balser Timo Balser James Balserak Ryan Balsey
Kimberley Balser Tisha Balser Janet Balserak Sandra Balsey
Krysta Balser Tobias Balser John Balserak Shannon Balsey
Kumiko Balser Tod Balser Kristen Balserak Stephani Balsey
Kylee Balser Tressa Balser Lori Balserak Thomas Balsey
Lacey Balser Trevel Balser Mary Balserak William Balsey
Ladonna Balser Tzvi Balser Paul Balserak Daisy Balsey-Cross
Lara Balser Vickee Balser Robert Balserak Peter Balsfoort
Leandra Balser Wayland Balser Virginia Balserak Jonathan Balsfour
Leann Balser Willa Balser Blanca Balserio Brad Balsh
Leanne Balser Yisroel Balser Rigoberto Balserio Gary Balsh
Lev Balser Young Balser Daniel Balserk Latoya Balsh
Lianna Balser Zoe Balser Al Balsero Lynn Balsh
Lindzie Balser Melody Balser-Cruz Jessica Balsero Sandra Balsh
Liz Balser Barbara Balser-Schuman Nelson Balseros Tim Balsh
Lorna Balser Alberto Balsera Daniel Balserus Kathy Balsha
Luella Balser Alfredo Balsera Deborah Balserus Mahd Balsha
Lyman Balser Alicia Balsera Kimberly Balserus Micheal Balsha
Lynnette Balser Bertha Balsera Lawrence Balserus Sam Balsha
Madonna Balser Caridad Balsera Minna Balserus Gail Balshai
Marna Balser Chandra Balsera Pamela Balserus Alon Balsham
Marshal Balser Charlotte Balsera Richard Balserus Barbara Balsham
Mayer Balser Cristina Balsera Stanley Balserus Brigid Balsham
Meridith Balser Eduardo Balsera Ana Balses Casey Balsham
Merrill Balser Enedino Balsera Anthony Balses Deborah Balsham
Mick Balser Esther Balsera Charlene Balses Ina Balsham
Mickey Balser Gema Balsera Cheryl Balses James Balsham
Mindi Balser Georgia Balsera Joseph Balses Joel Balsham
Murray Balser Idilia Balsera Ronald Balses Lester Balsham
Nancie Balser Jose Balsera Adriana Balseteri Marjorie Balsham
Natalee Balser Juan Balsera Stephen Balsetrini Nathan Balsham
Nehemiah Balser Julio Balsera Dijana Balseviciene Rachel Balsham
Nita Balser Lazaro Balsera Virgitas Balseviciene William Balsham
Osna Balser Leo Balsera Lawrence Balsevics Alon Balshan
Ottie Balser Leonard Balsera William Balsewice Arthur Balshan
Poppy Balser Leonardo Balsera Cathy Balsewich Blossom Balshan
Quentin Balser Leonor Balsera Ellen Balsewich Carol Balshan
Raphael Balser Lilita Balsera Heather Balsewich Danielle Balshan
Rebekah Balser Lisa Balsera James Balsewich Eric Balshan
Revonda Balser Luisa Balsera Jeffrey Balsewich Fran Balshan
Rickford Balser Manuel Balsera Laura Balsewich Frances Balshan
Robrt Balser Maria Balsera Loretta Balsewich Gary Balshan
Rona Balser Mercedes Balsera Richard Balsewich Janine Balshan
Rosanne Balser Miguel Balsera Ronald Balsewich Kris Balshan
Roseann Balser Miguelina Balsera Ryan Balsewich Lorraine Balshan
Roth Balser Nivia Balsera Sally Balsewich Maurice Balshan
Russel Balser Normi Balsera Walter Balsewich Reeva Balshan
Sasha Balser Raul Balsera Bart Balsewicz Shelley Balshan
Scarlet Balser Robin Balsera Colette Balsewicz Steve Balshan
Seddie Balser Rosa Balsera Danon Balsewicz Amber Balshaw
Shanon Balser Santiago Balsera Francine Balsewicz Andrew Balshaw
Sharron Balser Sergio Balsera Norbert Balsewicz Antonia Balshaw
Sharyn Balser Tomas Balsera Aj Balsey Barbara Balshaw
Shelby Balser Victoria Balsera

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