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Aura Balsa to Lucille Balsamello
Recent Updates & Additions to US Identify

Aura Balsa Mary Balsack Charley Balsam Sedie Balsam
Carlos Balsa Amy Balsai Cleone Balsam Shaul Balsam
Carmen Balsa Andrew Balsai Creek Balsam Shaylinn Balsam
Chengavalli Balsa Annie Balsai Danette Balsam Shellie Balsam
Derick Balsa Beverly Balsai Darcy Balsam Shoshana Balsam
Diana Balsa Carol Balsai Dee Balsam Stevan Balsam
Elisabeth Balsa Christopher Balsai Dorris Balsam Sunny Balsam
Els Balsa Connie Balsai Dovey Balsam Talia Balsam
Eric Balsa Corral Balsai Dvorah Balsam Tobias Balsam
Esmelita Balsa George Balsai Eda Balsam Twyla Balsam
Francisco Balsa Jake Balsai Elean Balsam Wreford Balsam
George Balsa James Balsai Ethan Balsam Yael Balsam
Gerardo Balsa Jeffrey Balsai Eugenia Balsam Yaffa Balsam
Gladys Balsa Jenna Balsai Eydie Balsam Yehuda Balsam
Heidi Balsa Jerrie Balsai Faisal Balsam Catherine Balsam-Schwaber
Helen Balsa John Balsai Fayth Balsam Dena Balsama
Henry Balsa Joseph Balsai Felice Balsam Kaitlyn Balsama
Isabel Balsa Joy Balsai Frederic Balsam Maybelle Balsama
Jennifer Balsa Julius Balsai Gay Balsam Nicolina Balsama
Jenny Balsa Marjorie Balsai Genie Balsam Roseanna Balsama
Jezreel Balsa Mary Balsai Gila Balsam Santa Balsama
Jim Balsa Robert Balsai Gillian Balsam Sebastiano Balsama
John Balsa Robyn Balsai Hans Balsam Vanda Balsama
Jonathan Balsa Samantha Balsai Hayley Balsam Scott Balsamb
Jorge Balsa Scott Balsai Hester Balsam Pedro Balsameda
Jose Balsa Stephen Balsai Irwin Balsam James Balsamel
Juram Balsa Susan Balsai Jaimi Balsam Mildred Balsamel
Kathleen Balsa Thomas Balsai Jerri Balsam Richard Balsamel
Kiran Balsa Brian Balsaitis Jordana Balsam Trudy Balsamel
Larissa Balsa Cynthia Balsaitis Katy Balsam Angela Balsamello
Lida Balsa Henry Balsaitis Kaye Balsam Annette Balsamello
Manuel Balsa Jeffrey Balsaitis Lavada Balsam Annmarie Balsamello
Maria Balsa Mohammed Balsal Lenore Balsam Anthony Balsamello
Mario Balsa Rafael Balsaldua Leonid Balsam Antonia Balsamello
Mark Balsa Camillo Balsalmo Leora Balsam Arthur Balsamello
Maylin Balsa Veronica Balsalmo Lesley Balsam Barbara Balsamello
Melaney Balsa Adelita Balsalobae Madonna Balsam Brett Balsamello
Miguel Balsa Adel Balsalobre Malia Balsam Camille Balsamello
Mursuliz Balsa Antonio Balsalobre Mendel Balsam Cariann Balsamello
Nieves Balsa Aurelio Balsalobre Mervin Balsam Carmela Balsamello
Paola Balsa Ever Balsalobre Mervyn Balsam Cheryl Balsamello
Ramiro Balsa Fernando Balsalobre Meyer Balsam Christine Balsamello
Ravi Balsa Gayle Balsalobre Michal Balsam Christopher Balsamello
Roberto Balsa Marc Balsalobre Milli Balsam Cliff Balsamello
Sasikiran Balsa Diana Balsaloere Millie Balsam Clifford Balsamello
Terese Balsa Fe Balsalubre Mitchel Balsam David Balsamello
Thomas Balsa German Balsalubre Morton Balsam Donna Balsamello
Venkat Balsa Ahron Balsam Moshe Balsam Frank Balsamello
Vladimir Balsa Arline Balsam Naama Balsam Gail Balsamello
Zoraida Balsa Artie Balsam Naftali Balsam Gina Balsamello
Maria Balsa-Cabrera Avi Balsam Najim Balsam Hugo Balsamello
Vladimir Balsa-Cartaya Avital Balsam Page Balsam James Balsamello
Peter Balsac Avrom Balsam Perl Balsam Jason Balsamello
Augustine Balsach Barrett Balsam Pinchas Balsam Jean Balsamello
Harry Balsach Bethel Balsam Racquel Balsam Joan Balsamello
Lorenzo Balsach Bette Balsam Rhoda Balsam John Balsamello
Maria Balsach Bettylee Balsam Rikki Balsam Joseph Balsamello
Nancy Balsach Blair Balsam Rivka Balsam Judith Balsamello
Ramona Balsach Blossom Balsam Rob Balsam Kimberly Balsamello
Robert Balsach Bret Balsam Roslyn Balsam Leslie Balsamello
Ruth Balsach Briana Balsam Rowan Balsam Lorraine Balsamello
Tony Balsach Caitlin Balsam Rubi Balsam Lucille Balsamello
John Balsack Celeste Balsam

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