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Michael Ballstaedt to Barbara Balluffi
Recent Updates & Additions to US Identify

Michael Ballstaedt William Ballton Audie Ballucanag Edward Balluck
Nathan Ballstaedt Leanne Balltori Helen Ballucanag Elizabeth Balluck
Noel Ballstaedt Stefano Balltori Jerry Ballucanag Gary Balluck
Paul Ballstaedt Albert Balltrip Kristine Ballucanag Jay Balluck
Rebecca Ballstaedt Amanda Balltrip Maria Ballucanag Jeremiah Balluck
Rock Ballstaedt Cleo Balltrip Richard Ballucanag Jerome Balluck
Sally Ballstaedt Crystal Balltrip Rose Ballucanag Joseph Balluck
Seth Ballstaedt Deborah Balltrip Tess Ballucanag Joyce Balluck
Shara Ballstaedt Desirae Balltrip Vivien Ballucanag Julie Balluck
Smith Ballstaedt Desiree Balltrip Massimo Ballucchi Kay Balluck
Susanne Ballstaedt Donna Balltrip Tony Ballucci Kyle Balluck
Susie Ballstaedt Ewell Balltrip Albert Balluch Leah Balluck
Tasha Ballstaedt Gary Balltrip Andrea Balluch Nancy Balluck
Taylor Ballstaedt Glen Balltrip Andrew Balluch Pamela Balluck
Terri Ballstaedt Howard Balltrip Antonia Balluch Preston Balluck
Thomas Ballstaedt Jeff Balltrip Betty Balluch Stephen Balluck
Tracy Ballstaedt Jeremy Balltrip Carol Balluch Suzanne Balluck
Alexander Ballster Jessica Balltrip Christopher Balluch Terry Balluck
Ana Ballster Joann Balltrip Dana Balluch Alan Ballue
Bernard Ballster Kathy Balltrip David Balluch Amy Ballue
Leroy Ballster Keith Balltrip Deborah Balluch Brian Ballue
Carlos Ballsteros Kenneth Balltrip Debra Balluch Charles Ballue
Maria Ballsteros Martha Balltrip Donald Balluch Chris Ballue
Nancy Ballsteros Mildred Balltrip Dorothy Balluch Christina Ballue
Cameroon Ballston Mindy Balltrip Fay Balluch Darla Ballue
Dennis Ballston Nikki Balltrip Felicia Balluch Deeann Ballue
Joe Ballstreri Pamela Balltrip Felicity Balluch Donald Ballue
Dolly Ballsun Ralph Balltrip Gail Balluch Dorothy Ballue
Doris Ballsun Sarah Balltrip George Balluch Elma Ballue
Jeffrey Ballsun Sina Balltrip Helen Balluch Gene Ballue
John Ballsun Steven Balltrip Jamie Balluch Helen Ballue
Kathryn Ballsun Susan Balltrip Janet Balluch Julie Ballue
Priscilla Ballsun Sylvia Balltrip Jason Balluch Katie Ballue
Suzan Ballsun Thomas Balltrusites Jenica Balluch Kelley Ballue
Pusilla Ballsworthy Accellia Balltzglier Jennifer Balluch Marion Ballue
Furball Ballsy Amanda Balltzglier Jessica Balluch Mary Ballue
David Ballt Amber Balltzglier Joseph Balluch Michael Ballue
Leonora Ballta Bob Balltzglier Judy Balluch Miriam Ballue
Marika Ballta Chris Balltzglier Karla Balluch Robert Ballue
Nick Ballta Christopher Balltzglier Kevin Balluch Ronald Ballue
Vladimir Ballta Don Balltzglier Larry Balluch Silvia Ballue
Stefan Balltadori Donald Balltzglier Laurel Balluch William Ballue
Xhuljana Balltadori Elsie Balltzglier Lenard Balluch Mary Balluf
Don Balltcellinger Gena Balltzglier Margaret Balluch Richard Balluf
Barbara Ballter Harold Balltzglier Maria Balluch Brigid Balluff
Donald Balltezegar Heath Balltzglier Michael Balluch Bryce Balluff
Jack Balltezegar Jamie Balltzglier Micheal Balluch Cecile Balluff
Shelia Ballthavar Jessica Balltzglier Michele Balluch Dylan Balluff
Shelia Ballthazar Josephine Balltzglier Michelle Balluch Elva Balluff
Phyllis Ballthrop Joyce Balltzglier Patrick Balluch Gustave Balluff
Robert Ballthrope Justin Balltzglier Randy Balluch Haley Balluff
Sami Ballti Katrina Balltzglier Richard Balluch Jolene Balluff
Carl Ballton Kristen Balltzglier Ronald Balluch Julibeth Balluff
Florease Ballton Lana Balltzglier Rose Balluch Karien Balluff
Frances Ballton Lindsey Balltzglier Sam Balluch Kerrie Balluff
Gloria Ballton Mark Balltzglier Tara Balluch Lilia Balluff
Issa Ballton Micah Balltzglier Timothy Balluch Liliana Balluff
Kathy Ballton Perry Balltzglier Tyson Balluch Signe Balluff
Kevin Ballton Robert Balltzglier Carl Balluck Tammara Balluff
Leighann Ballton Ryan Balltzglier Christopher Balluck Zachary Balluff
Lula Ballton Steven Balltzglier Doris Balluck Andrew Balluffi
Natasha Ballton Tana Balltzglier Dorothy Balluck Barbara Balluffi
Norma Ballton Terri Balltzglier

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