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Carmelo Ballotta to Dorise Ballou
Recent Updates & Additions to US Identify

Carmelo Ballotta Diane Ballotti Bane Ballou Chase Ballou
Charles Ballotta Douglas Ballotti Barb Ballou Chasity Ballou
David Ballotta Eric Ballotti Beau Ballou Chioke Ballou
Diane Ballotta Ettore Ballotti Bell Ballou Christal Ballou
Dolores Ballotta Frank Ballotti Benn Ballou Chrystal Ballou
Donna Ballotta Geoff Ballotti Bertman Ballou Chuck Ballou
Dorothy Ballotta Geoffrey Ballotti Bertrand Ballou Classie Ballou
Edward Ballotta Geraldine Ballotti Bess Ballou Cleo Ballou
Eric Ballotta Irene Ballotti Bette Ballou Cliff Ballou
Felipa Ballotta James Ballotti Bettie Ballou Colby Ballou
Frances Ballotta Jason Ballotti Billye Ballou Cole Ballou
Francis Ballotta John Ballotti Birdie Ballou Colley Ballou
Irene Ballotta Josie Ballotti Blair Ballou Contessa Ballou
Jaclyn Ballotta Joyce Ballotti Blaise Ballou Cori Ballou
Jacqueline Ballotta Kristin Ballotti Bobbi Ballou Corin Ballou
Jennifer Ballotta Lauren Ballotti Brady Ballou Corinna Ballou
Jim Ballotta Leslie Ballotti Brainard Ballou Corinne Ballou
John Ballotta Lia Ballotti Brant Ballou Corliss Ballou
Joseph Ballotta Lisa Ballotti Braunda Ballou Corlys Ballou
Josephine Ballotta Mark Ballotti Braxton Ballou Cornelia Ballou
Judith Ballotta Michael Ballotti Brenton Ballou Corwin Ballou
Justin Ballotta Mike Ballotti Bret Ballou Courtland Ballou
Karen Ballotta Reynolds Ballotti Brien Ballou Creg Ballou
Katherine Ballotta Rudy Ballotti Brigitte Ballou Cris Ballou
Lindsay Ballotta Susan Ballotti Brittani Ballou Cristine Ballou
Marc Ballotta Tina Ballotti Bronwen Ballou Cristy Ballou
Marie Ballotta David Ballotto Bryn Ballou Cyndl Ballou
Marilyn Ballotta Edward Ballotts Brynn Ballou Dalene Ballou
Marion Ballotta Gary Ballotts Bryon Ballou Danette Ballou
Mary Ballotta Mildred Ballotts Buddy Ballou Daniell Ballou
Maryann Ballotta Patricia Ballotts Buel Ballou Daniella Ballou
Maureen Ballotta Abby Ballou Burton Ballou Dannetta Ballou
Merry Ballotta Abigail Ballou Butch Ballou Darcy Ballou
Michael Ballotta Adelaide Ballou Cacean Ballou Darious Ballou
Michele Ballotta Adele Ballou Cacynthia Ballou Darius Ballou
Nancy Ballotta Adeline Ballou Caitlin Ballou Darleen Ballou
Pamela Ballotta Adriana Ballou Caitlyn Ballou Darline Ballou
Paul Ballotta Aimee Ballou Camahal Ballou Davy Ballou
Peter Ballotta Alana Ballou Camero Ballou Dealva Ballou
Philip Ballotta Alden Ballou Camilla Ballou Deana Ballou
Ray Ballotta Alexa Ballou Candi Ballou Deatra Ballou
Raymond Ballotta Alfredia Ballou Cara Ballou Debby Ballou
Rebecca Ballotta Ali Ballou Caralyn Ballou Debora Ballou
Robert Ballotta Aliette Ballou Caren Ballou Dede Ballou
Stephen Ballotta Alisa Ballou Carey Ballou Dee Ballou
Valerie Ballotta Alisha Ballou Carie Ballou Deforrest Ballou
Vince Ballotta Alycia Ballou Carlyon Ballou Deirdre Ballou
Vincent Ballotta Ami Ballou Caryn Ballou Deja Ballou
William Ballotta Amundsen Ballou Cass Ballou Dempsey Ballou
Elizabeth Ballotte Anecita Ballou Cassie Ballou Denice Ballou
George Ballotte Angelia Ballou Cat Ballou Denis Ballou
Jonathon Ballotte Angelique Ballou Cathryn Ballou Derrah Ballou
Joseph Ballotte Antario Ballou Cathye Ballou Diedre Ballou
Judith Ballotte Archontoula Ballou Catrina Ballou Dina Ballou
Justin Ballotte Ardelle Ballou Cecily Ballou Dirk Ballou
Loretta Ballotte Ariana Ballou Cedryl Ballou Doforrest Ballou
Mary Ballotte Arline Ballou Celena Ballou Dollie Ballou
Neil Ballotte Arnetta Ballou Celeste Ballou Dolman Ballou
Anthony Ballotti Aron Ballou Chante Ballou Dominica Ballou
Barbara Ballotti Art Ballou Charity Ballou Donal Ballou
Blanch Ballotti Ashton Ballou Charley Ballou Dontrace Ballou
Brian Ballotti Avonnell Ballou Chas Ballou Dorise Ballou
Dean Ballotti Bailey Ballou

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