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Kimberly Ballentyne to William Ballerine
Recent Updates & Additions to US Identify

Kimberly Ballentyne Hank Baller Eileen Ballerano Dennis Ballere
Marion Ballentyne Iona Baller Helen Ballerano Edward Ballere
Mark Ballentyne Jacques Baller James Ballerano Michelle Ballere
Marlon Ballentyne Jakob Baller Jessalyn Ballerano Nikki Ballere
Melanie Ballentyne Janos Baller Jonathan Ballerano Phyllis Ballere
Merle Ballentyne Jeri Baller Lorraine Ballerano Nichole Ballereal
Michelle Ballentyne Jerri Baller Margaret Ballerano Sam Ballereand
Owen Ballentyne Kathlyn Baller Michael Ballerano Alain Ballereau
Patricia Ballentyne Katlyn Baller Michele Ballerano Alyce Ballereau
Percy Ballentyne Konnie Baller Robert Ballerano Bettyann Ballereau
Peter Ballentyne Kris Baller Stanley Ballerano Cyrille Ballereau
Robert Ballentyne Kristel Baller Susan Ballerano Elizabeth Ballereau
Robin Ballentyne Ktothej Baller Alfredo Balleras Eric Ballereau
Ron Ballentyne Kurtis Baller Alma Balleras Larry Ballereau
Ruth Ballentyne Leeland Baller Anne Balleras Laura Ballereau
Scott Ballentyne Leilani Baller Belinda Balleras Maryvonne Ballereau
Sean Ballentyne Lily Baller Brigitte Balleras Raymond Ballereau
Sharon Ballentyne Lona Baller Caitlyn Balleras John Ballerena
Shawna Ballentyne Lyneia Baller Diane Balleras Constance Ballerene
Sherry Ballentyne Maddie Baller Gregory Balleras Ellen Ballerene
Stan Ballentyne Mari Baller Ivy Balleras Frances Ballerene
Tammy Ballentyne Marylee Baller James Balleras Kim Ballerene
Telsa Ballentyne Nik Baller Jennifer Balleras Kimberly Ballerene
Timothy Ballentyne Nikolas Baller Jerney Balleras Louis Ballerene
Tracy Ballentyne Noreen Baller Julio Balleras Steven Ballerene
Warren Ballentyne Petra Baller Lisa Balleras Gilbert Ballerger
Wendy Ballentyne Reed Baller Maria Balleras Albert Balleria
Keith Balleny Rosella Baller Marjorie Balleras Brian Balleria
Kyla Balleny Serge Baller Mary Balleras Irene Balleria
Skyler Balleny Sherril Baller Michael Balleras Richard Balleria
Zhara Balleny Shezrae Baller Minsuela Balleras Sara Ballerigon
Lewis Ballenzano Stefanie Baller Pelit Balleras Ben Ballerin
Emanuel Ballenzweig Stephane Baller Pelita Balleras Benjamin Ballerin
Ruth Ballenzweig Sterl Baller Rene Balleras Dee Ballerin
Stephen Ballenzweig Sylvain Baller Richard Balleras Kathleen Ballerin
Susan Ballenzweig Tc Baller Rolando Balleras Mark Ballerin
Airun Baller Tessa Baller Rose Balleras Mary Ballerin
Alain Baller Tracie Baller Theodore Balleras Susan Ballerin
Alisha Baller Von Baller Wendy Balleras Ann Ballerina
Alta Baller Zane Baller Robert Ballerby Chris Ballerina
Altagracia Baller Aaron Ballera Andy Ballerd John Ballerina
Altagracla Baller Danilo Ballera Cheri Ballerd Marina Ballerina
Anamaria Baller Imelda Ballera Cindy Ballerd Alberta Ballerine
Baller Baller Ingrid Ballera Dale Ballerd Alma Ballerine
Bpn Baller Jasmine Ballera Dave Ballerd Barbara Ballerine
Cassie Baller Jesus Ballera Freda Ballerd Beth Ballerine
Charleen Baller John Ballera Jamel Ballerd Carlo Ballerine
Christopheer Baller Jun Ballera James Ballerd Carole Ballerine
Cj Baller Linsey Ballera John Ballerd Clayton Ballerine
Daneen Baller Mariano Ballera Karima Ballerd Donna Ballerine
Dani Baller Marie Ballera Melisa Ballerd Francis Ballerine
Daren Baller Mario Ballera Mike Ballerd Judith Ballerine
Darol Baller Robert Ballera Nedra Ballerd Larry Ballerine
Devon Baller Shirley Ballera Pam Ballerd Lester Ballerine
Elinor Baller Victoria Ballera Rodney Ballerd Linda Ballerine
Ernie Baller Dolly Balleram Roger Ballerd Marian Ballerine
Ernst Baller Henri Ballerand Scott Ballerd Nora Ballerine
Eydie Baller Anne Ballerano Shannon Ballerd Renee Ballerine
Ferris Baller Anthony Ballerano Tae Ballerd Stephen Ballerine
Gale Baller Bertha Ballerano Myrna Ballerda Steven Ballerine
Georgie Baller Christine Ballerano Robin Ballerderson Susan Ballerine
Gill Baller Christopher Ballerano Danielle Ballere William Ballerine
Hady Baller Denise Ballerano

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