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Lynne Ballegeer to Ruth Ballem
Recent Updates & Additions to US Identify

Lynne Ballegeer Lorna Ballein Adolph Ballejos Karen Ballelli
Marian Ballegeer Lorri Ballein Alisha Ballejos Marc Ballelli
Marie Ballegeer Nan Ballein Alvina Ballejos Michael Ballelli
Marilyn Ballegeer Tabatha Ballein Anabel Ballejos Sally Ballelli
Mark Ballegeer Trudy Ballein Armria Ballejos Tod Ballelli
Mary Ballegeer Valarie Ballein Blas Ballejos William Ballelli
Miranda Ballegeer Edmondo Balleinas Cari Ballejos Amparo Ballelos
Nancy Ballegeer Bernard Balleine Carmela Ballejos Concepcion Ballelos
Patricia Ballegeer Bonnie Balleine Celesta Ballejos Conchita Ballelos
Richard Ballegeer Charlene Balleine Ciprian Ballejos Edgardo Ballelos
Robbin Ballegeer Chuck Balleine Cj Ballejos Edwin Ballelos
Ronald Ballegeer Debra Balleine Delphine Ballejos Emely Ballelos
Sandra Ballegeer Erin Balleine Donovan Ballejos Felinda Ballelos
Scott Ballegeer Larry Balleine Elida Ballejos Gloria Ballelos
Senaida Ballegeer Lawrence Balleine Emiliano Ballejos Janet Ballelos
Shannon Ballegeer Lloyd Balleine Federico Ballejos Jen Ballelos
Shirley Ballegeer Melissa Balleine Fernandes Ballejos Jennifer Ballelos
Sondra Ballegeer Mom Balleine Georgina Ballejos Johnny Ballelos
Sophie Ballegeer Norma Balleine Joella Ballejos Macario Ballelos
Stephanie Ballegeer Norman Balleine Johan Ballejos Mariabella Ballelos
Steve Ballegeer Pansy Balleine Leonda Ballejos Mary Ballelos
Steven Ballegeer Robert Balleine Liz Ballejos Roderick Ballelos
Terry Ballegeer Timothy Balleine Longie Ballejos Rodolfo Ballelos
Tony Ballegeer Travis Balleine Loy Ballejos Rogelio Ballelos
Angela Balleger Walter Balleine Margi Ballejos Teresita Ballelos
Craig Balleger Carolyn Balleisen Micah Ballejos Virchilou Ballelos
Louise Balleger Edward Balleisen Monte Ballejos Virgilio Ballelos
Laura Balleggi Ellen Balleisen Quentin Ballejos Anne Ballem
Francisco Ballego Gary Balleisen Raymundo Ballejos Aruna Ballem
Leticia Ballego Jane Balleisen Rosario Ballejos Bhadri Ballem
Paula Ballego Janet Balleisen Shanna Ballejos Bonnie Ballem
James Ballegooie Suzanne Balleisen Taj Ballejos Bret Ballem
John Ballegooie Cedric Ballejera Wilber Ballejos Brian Ballem
Russell Ballegooie Adolfo Ballejo Adrien Ballek Cedric Ballem
Eden Ballegooijen Angelita Ballejo Alyissa Ballek Charys Ballem
Janice Ballegooijen Aurora Ballejo Athena Ballek Cheryl Ballem
Etienne Ballegooyen Azucena Ballejo Charley Ballek Chris Ballem
Greg Ballegooyen Clarissa Ballejo Clarissa Ballek Daniel Ballem
Angela Ballegos Concepcion Ballejo Corinne Ballek David Ballem
Georgina Ballegos Dimas Ballejo Cris Ballek Diane Ballem
Alexander Balleh Estefana Ballejo Haldan Ballek Elizabeth Ballem
Deanna Balleh German Ballejo Jeacacy Ballek Flavelle Ballem
Eli Balleh Imelda Ballejo Joni Ballek Heather Ballem
Hassan Balleh Indira Ballejo Jr Ballek Henry Ballem
Umashankar Ballehaninna Jacquie Ballejo Judi Ballek Hugh Ballem
Brian Ballehr Jenni Ballejo Kiana Ballek Jerry Ballem
Bruce Ballehr Lacy Ballejo Korrine Ballek Joe Ballem
Carol Ballehr Liliana Ballejo Lorretta Ballek John Ballem
Charles Ballehr Lubian Ballejo Mariane Ballek Josh Ballem
Christopher Ballehr Magdalena Ballejo Melonie Ballek Kate Ballem
Elizabeth Ballehr Magdaleno Ballejo Nena Ballek Kay Ballem
Jessica Ballehr Mauricio Ballejo Nkiruka Ballek Ken Ballem
Julia Ballehr Mayra Ballejo Reid Ballek Lillian Ballem
June Ballehr Ninfa Ballejo Rich Ballek Marilyn Ballem
Kathleen Ballehr Oliva Ballejo Rowland Ballek Mercedes Ballem
Lisa Ballehr Oralia Ballejo Ruthie Ballek Milton Ballem
Regina Ballehr Patria Ballejo Sahna Ballek Naveen Ballem
Jean Balleidier Perla Ballejo Stefan Ballek Patrice Ballem
Britny Ballein Rosio Ballejo Michelle Ballell Priya Ballem
Deirdre Ballein Sharyl Ballejo Arthur Ballelli Rachel Ballem
Erinn Ballein Sotero Ballejo Dan Ballelli Ronald Ballem
Geri Ballein Teodora Ballejo Dorothy Ballelli Ruth Ballem
Jeretta Ballein Yesenia Ballejo

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