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Lazaro Balle to Lynn Ballegeer
Recent Updates & Additions to US Identify

Lazaro Balle Sandra Balleau Barry Balleck Rhonda Ballee
Lene Balle Sarah Balleau Brandon Balleck Robert Ballee
Leonora Balle Sharon Balleau Carl Balleck Ronalee Ballee
Lucretia Balle Shelly Balleau Carol Balleck Rozana Ballee
Magnus Balle Tiera Balleau David Balleck Saleem Ballee
Maigan Balle William Balleau Deana Balleck Saundra Ballee
Marcy Balle Charles Balleaux Dennis Balleck Scott Ballee
Mariana Balle Lisa Balleaux Iris Balleck Shahara Ballee
Mariel Balle Michael Balleaux Jackie Balleck Shaimoon Ballee
Marilu Balle Richard Balleaux Jacqueline Balleck Shanta Ballee
Marisol Balle Ruth Balleaux Jill Balleck Sharon Ballee
Marlo Balle Maria Ballebella Joseph Balleck Shawn Ballee
Maurine Balle Anita Balleby Joyce Balleck Thelma Ballee
Maya Balle Egon Balleby Keith Balleck Tina Ballee
Mervatt Balle Inga Balleby Levi Balleck William Ballee
Mickey Balle Karsten Balleby Ljoyce Balleck Zeyna Ballee
Mykel Balle Fernando Ballec Marian Balleck Tonya Balleenger
Nastasya Balle Agnes Ballecer Mary Balleck Elizabeth Balleew
Nelda Balle Amelita Ballecer Mortimer Balleck Armida Ballefteros
Niels Balle Carla Ballecer Neisha Balleck William Balleg
Orah Balle Conrad Ballecer Patricia Balleck Samuel Ballega
Pierre Balle Corazon Ballecer Shirley Balleck Anne Ballegaard
Primitivo Balle Crisanta Ballecer Tony Balleck Niels Ballegaard
Raymundo Balle Dan Ballecer Asuncion Balledares Al Ballegeer
Roxana Balle Danilo Ballecer Juan Balledares Amie Ballegeer
Sebastian Balle Edgardo Ballecer Ramon Balledares Amy Ballegeer
Socorro Balle Elizabeth Ballecer Jose Balledas Arsene Ballegeer
Todi Balle Ellen Ballecer Edward Balledger Brandon Ballegeer
Verona Balle Emily Ballecer Catherine Balledo Bryan Ballegeer
Vidala Balle Eric Ballecer Jose Balledos Carole Ballegeer
Wolfgang Balle Ernesto Ballecer Leticia Balledos Charles Ballegeer
Yadira Balle Fe Ballecer Marissa Balledos Craig Ballegeer
Zachary Balle John Ballecer Amy Ballee Daniel Ballegeer
Zulma Balle Johnathan Ballecer Aslam Ballee Darren Ballegeer
Nevio Balleani Jose Ballecer Barbara Ballee Darryl Ballegeer
Ronald Balleani Joseph Ballecer Bebe Ballee Darwin Ballegeer
Noe Balleao Kristine Ballecer Bebi Ballee David Ballegeer
Bradley Balleatyne Ladyann Ballecer Bibi Ballee Dianne Ballegeer
Adrienne Balleau Lourdes Ballecer Brooke Ballee Donald Ballegeer
Andre Balleau Melanie Ballecer Carol Ballee Elizabeth Ballegeer
Benjamin Balleau Melissa Ballecer Cathy Ballee Francis Ballegeer
Calonda Balleau Milagros Ballecer Christina Ballee Gail Ballegeer
David Balleau Neil Ballecer Darlene Ballee Gary Ballegeer
Elisa Balleau Nilo Ballecer Elizabeth Ballee George Ballegeer
George Balleau Noel Ballecer Eric Ballee Gerald Ballegeer
Jamie Balleau Patrick Ballecer George Ballee Gregory Ballegeer
Jeffrey Balleau Raymond Ballecer James Ballee Henry Ballegeer
Jessie Balleau Robert Ballecer Jasodra Ballee Holly Ballegeer
John Balleau Ronald Ballecer Jennifer Ballee Jacob Ballegeer
Kathrine Balleau Ronaldo Ballecer Joan Ballee Janis Ballegeer
Kaylene Balleau Remigio Balleceros Keith Ballee Jean Ballegeer
Laverne Balleau Amin Ballecillo Kenneth Ballee John Ballegeer
Marilvn Balleau Ana Ballecillo Larae Ballee Joshua Ballegeer
Marilyn Balleau Fernando Ballecillo Lorene Ballee Kevan Ballegeer
Mary Balleau Juan Ballecillo Mark Ballee Kristin Ballegeer
May Balleau Carmen Ballecillos Michael Ballee Larry Ballegeer
Melissa Balleau Oscar Ballecillos Mike Ballee Laura Ballegeer
Michael Balleau Yadira Ballecillos Mirza Ballee Laurie Ballegeer
Pete Balleau Juana Ballecio Mohamed Ballee Lisa Ballegeer
Polly Balleau Luz Ballecio Nerriza Ballee Lorne Ballegeer
Rebecca Balleau Ilda Ballecios Norman Ballee Luc Ballegeer
Richard Balleau Aura Balleciyos Priscilla Ballee Lynn Ballegeer
Robert Balleau Aaron Balleck

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