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Nadia Ballas to Paul Ballasy
Recent Updates & Additions to US Identify

Nadia Ballas Ann Ballasch Kimberley Ballash Lea Ballast
Nate Ballas Betty Ballasch Lou Ballash Leaf Ballast
Nazli Ballas Christopher Ballasch Marya Ballash Marilys Ballast
Nickola Ballas Colleen Ballasch Natalle Ballash Maritza Ballast
Nickolas Ballas David Ballasch Bill Ballashare Marjory Ballast
Nicolette Ballas Donald Ballasch Nancy Ballashn Martina Ballast
Nikitas Ballas Doris Ballasch Andrew Ballasiotes Milagros Ballast
Nikolaos Ballas Elaine Ballasch Angelo Ballasiotes Nikki Ballast
Norfelina Ballas John Ballasch Chris Ballasiotes Patrice Ballast
Nurit Ballas Joseph Ballasch Clara Ballasiotes Randon Ballast
Paige Ballas Lauren Ballasch Eleanora Ballasiotes Rod Ballast
Panagis Ballas Linda Ballasch George Ballasiotes Michael Ballaster
Parascho Ballas Louis Ballasch Ida Ballasiotes Angela Ballastero
Petrina Ballas Margaret Ballasch Kimberley Ballasiotes Virginia Ballastero
Polytimi Ballas Mark Ballasch Lisa Ballasiotes Aracely Ballasteros
Pualette Ballas Mary Ballasch Mary Ballasiotes Bernadette Ballasteros
Renata Ballas Mike Ballasch Marykay Ballasiotes Honey Ballasteros
Ricia Ballas Pamela Ballasch Michael Ballasiotes Jade Ballasteros
Rocky Ballas Pat Ballasch Nicole Ballasiotes Joe Ballasteros
Ronda Ballas Patk Ballasch Stephanie Ballasiotes Jose Ballasteros
Rosaria Ballas Patrick Ballasch Oscar Ballasir Judy Ballasteros
Rosy Ballas Richard Ballasch Agnes Ballasiw Maria Ballasteros
Rowena Ballas Sandra Ballasch Nicole Ballasp Mario Ballasteros
Salim Ballas Stephan Ballasch Thomas Ballass Sandra Ballasteros
Sammie Ballas Stephen Ballasch George Ballassi Stephen Ballasteros
Saundra Ballas Steve Ballasch Gregory Ballassi Steven Ballasteros
Senorina Ballas Tara Ballasch Joann Ballassi Teresa Ballasteros
Shana Ballas Terry Ballasch Priscilla Ballassi Victoria Ballasteros
Sharlene Ballas Thomas Ballasch Stefanie Ballassi Yvonne Ballasteros
Sol Ballas Wendy Ballasch Yannoula Ballassi Bob Ballastrin
Speros Ballas George Ballaschak Annie Ballasso Henry Ballasty
Spiro Ballas Marian Ballaschak Brandon Ballasso Irene Ballasty
Spiros Ballas Nadia Ballasco Carl Ballasso Robert Ballasty
Spyridoula Ballas Alan Ballasedis Cynthia Ballasso Aline Ballasy
Stamo Ballas Alexander Ballasedis David Ballasso Barbara Ballasy
Stefanos Ballas Blaine Ballasedis Laurie Ballasso Cecilia Ballasy
Steffany Ballas Dolores Ballasedis Marilyn Ballasso Daniel Ballasy
Sun Ballas Robert Ballasedis Samuel Ballasso Elisabeth Ballasy
Sunday Ballas Amber Ballases Sean Ballasso Elizabeth Ballasy
Tamra Ballas Brooke Ballases Shane Ballasso Frank Ballasy
Tania Ballas Charles Ballases Tammy Ballasso Jane Ballasy
Tess Ballas Emmanuel Ballases Sherry Ballasson Jessica Ballasy
Thealos Ballas Judith Ballases Amanda Ballassona Joe Ballasy
Thor Ballas Michael Ballases Amie Ballassona Joseph Ballasy
Tonia Ballas Mike Ballases Angelina Ballassona Joshua Ballasy
Vacelekoula Ballas Sandy Ballases Patricia Ballassona Joyce Ballasy
Vannessa Ballas George Ballaseux Vincent Ballassona Karen Ballasy
Vasil Ballas Wilda Ballaseux David Ballassone Kati Ballasy
Vasilik Ballas Ali Ballash Bret Ballast Keith Ballasy
Violetta Ballas Arline Ballash Chadwick Ballast Ken Ballasy
Wendi Ballas Bernie Ballash Chaundra Ballast Kenneth Ballasy
Wilburt Ballas Betsey Ballash Christin Ballast Kent Ballasy
Zachary Ballas Chrissy Ballash Corbin Ballast Kevin Ballasy
Zackary Ballas Ciara Ballash Dirk Ballast Lavina Ballasy
Zografo Ballas Dayle Ballash Eliana Ballast Lawrence Ballasy
Zuhair Ballas Dj Ballash Emmy Ballast Linda Ballasy
Dorothy Ballas-Gunn Duncan Ballash Evonne Ballast Lorraine Ballasy
Krisandrea Ballas-Rylander Edwina Ballash Haley Ballast Mandy Ballasy
Lucia Ballas-Traynor Evon Ballash Jen Ballast Michael Ballasy
Mary Ballas-Ward Gia Ballash Jeri Ballast Nicholas Ballasy
Ren Ballasamb Javaa Ballash Jr Ballast Norman Ballasy
Renee Ballasamb Jenifer Ballash Juergen Ballast Paul Ballasy
Juan Ballasanor Karianne Ballash

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