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Chan Ballantyne to Ronald Ballanytyne
Recent Updates & Additions to US Identify

Chan Ballantyne Helga Ballantyne Lorne Ballantyne Russ Ballantyne
Chandra Ballantyne Herb Ballantyne Lygia Ballantyne Sallyann Ballantyne
Charity Ballantyne Hillery Ballantyne Lyn Ballantyne Salwa Ballantyne
Charlyn Ballantyne Hilton Ballantyne Lynanne Ballantyne Sammel Ballantyne
Cheri Ballantyne Hsin Ballantyne Lyndsay Ballantyne Scot Ballantyne
Christa Ballantyne Iain Ballantyne Ma Ballantyne Scotty Ballantyne
Christin Ballantyne Ivis Ballantyne Mal Ballantyne Selicia Ballantyne
Clair Ballantyne Jacque Ballantyne Marcee Ballantyne Shakeel Ballantyne
Clarice Ballantyne Jamal Ballantyne Marcy Ballantyne Shamain Ballantyne
Clella Ballantyne Jamey Ballantyne Maree Ballantyne Shantell Ballantyne
Cleo Ballantyne Janalee Ballantyne Margarett Ballantyne Sharla Ballantyne
Consuelo Ballantyne Janel Ballantyne Marissa Ballantyne Shaw Ballantyne
Corrine Ballantyne Jarom Ballantyne Marnae Ballantyne Shermer Ballantyne
Cumorah Ballantyne Jas Ballantyne Marybeth Ballantyne Shielda Ballantyne
Curt Ballantyne Jayme Ballantyne Maryjoy Ballantyne Sid Ballantyne
Dane Ballantyne Jayson Ballantyne Marylou Ballantyne Sie Ballantyne
Danica Ballantyne Jeanine Ballantyne Masa Ballantyne Sobongile Ballantyne
Danita Ballantyne Jeneatta Ballantyne Mathias Ballantyne Solomon Ballantyne
Daphne Ballantyne Jeri Ballantyne Maura Ballantyne Stefani Ballantyne
Darcy Ballantyne Jillian Ballantyne Meaghan Ballantyne Stu Ballantyne
Darleen Ballantyne Joanie Ballantyne Meg Ballantyne Sumiyo Ballantyne
Darwin Ballantyne Jodee Ballantyne Meghann Ballantyne Summer Ballantyne
Dawson Ballantyne Jolene Ballantyne Mel Ballantyne Suzie Ballantyne
Dayle Ballantyne Joleyne Ballantyne Merlin Ballantyne Suzy Ballantyne
Dayna Ballantyne Joni Ballantyne Merrill Ballantyne Tad Ballantyne
Debbra Ballantyne Jr Ballantyne Milagros Ballantyne Tammie Ballantyne
Dee Ballantyne Jud Ballantyne Mirella Ballantyne Tana Ballantyne
Des Ballantyne Judi Ballantyne Monika Ballantyne Teres Ballantyne
Desmond Ballantyne Julienne Ballantyne Montie Ballantyne Terumi Ballantyne
Deva Ballantyne Justine Ballantyne Moose Ballantyne Thad Ballantyne
Donn Ballantyne Karin Ballantyne Murray Ballantyne Therien Ballantyne
Donovan Ballantyne Kathie Ballantyne Na Ballantyne Tonia Ballantyne
Douglass Ballantyne Katjana Ballantyne Namrata Ballantyne Tressa Ballantyne
Duncan Ballantyne Kaywana Ballantyne Nanci Ballantyne Trina Ballantyne
Ec Ballantyne Kecia Ballantyne Nathanial Ballantyne Trish Ballantyne
Elan Ballantyne Kedra Ballantyne Nita Ballantyne Tyson Ballantyne
Elberta Ballantyne Kelsea Ballantyne Noella Ballantyne Valda Ballantyne
Elen Ballantyne Kelso Ballantyne Onica Ballantyne Vashti Ballantyne
Elise Ballantyne Kendall Ballantyne Orel Ballantyne Verdon Ballantyne
Elisha Ballantyne Kendrick Ballantyne Orlyn Ballantyne Vergene Ballantyne
Elva Ballantyne Kenne Ballantyne Ovide Ballantyne Verla Ballantyne
Emery Ballantyne Kenoll Ballantyne Patrickl Ballantyne Vern Ballantyne
Emile Ballantyne Kerr Ballantyne Quentin Ballantyne Vince Ballantyne
Enid Ballantyne Kimario Ballantyne Rab Ballantyne Warner Ballantyne
Eri Ballantyne Kimberlee Ballantyne Radelle Ballantyne Webster Ballantyne
Fiona Ballantyne Kit Ballantyne Raena Ballantyne Wil Ballantyne
Flent Ballantyne Kris Ballantyne Rebeka Ballantyne Yasmine Ballantyne
Flint Ballantyne Kurtis Ballantyne Rich Ballantyne Tammy Ballantyne-Cook
Ford Ballantyne Kwame Ballantyne Rigg Ballantyne Joyce Ballantyne-Jeffrey
Francine Ballantyne Ladonna Ballantyne Riita Ballantyne Marge Ballantz
Frieda Ballantyne Lael Ballantyne Rilla Ballantyne Rosa Ballanubbs
Garth Ballantyne Lawana Ballantyne Rina Ballantyne Cynthia Ballany
Gavin Ballantyne Leeann Ballantyne Rm Ballantyne Denis Ballany
Gayla Ballantyne Leeanne Ballantyne Rob Ballantyne Jas Ballany
Geoff Ballantyne Lensford Ballantyne Robt Ballantyne Kevin Ballany
Georgina Ballantyne Lesa Ballantyne Rod Ballantyne Paul Ballany
Gerry Ballantyne Leta Ballantyne Rogina Ballantyne Regina Ballany
Gideon Ballantyne Lex Ballantyne Romney Ballantyne Klaus Ballanyi
Gord Ballantyne Lezly Ballantyne Ros Ballantyne Lucia Ballanyi
Hanna Ballantyne Liza Ballantyne Rosalee Ballantyne Melissa Ballanytne
Heath Ballantyne Lon Ballantyne Rosaliene Ballantyne Barbara Ballanytyne
Hedi Ballantyne Loraine Ballantyne Rosario Ballantyne Ronald Ballanytyne
Helene Ballantyne Lorna Ballantyne

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