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James Baling to Natalie Balingnt
Recent Updates & Additions to US Identify

James Baling Chris Balinger Amado Balingit Lina Balingit
Jeremy Baling Christina Balinger Ananda Balingit Liza Balingit
Jose Baling Coquetta Balinger Angelita Balingit Lorna Balingit
Larry Baling Dana Balinger Angielian Balingit Lou Balingit
Maria Baling David Balinger Aniceto Balingit Lucila Balingit
Mary Baling Donald Balinger Apriline Balingit Madgie Balingit
Ronald Baling Doreen Balinger Aqualina Balingit Mariatta Balingit
Sharon Baling Edwin Balinger Aristotle Balingit Maribel Balingit
Teresita Baling Elizabeth Balinger Arnel Balingit Maricel Balingit
Yvonne Baling Elzbieta Balinger Aurelia Balingit Matilde Balingit
Anita Balinga Forrest Balinger Benita Balingit Melanio Balingit
Etta Balinga Glen Balinger Bonifacao Balingit Merlyn Balingit
Victor Balinga James Balinger Bonita Balingit Michtell Balingit
Anita Balinga-Etta Janette Balinger Buenafe Balingit Mila Balingit
Eileen Balingall Jason Balinger Butch Balingit Milagros Balingit
Ila Balingao Jeff Balinger Carmencita Balingit Moriah Balingit
Katherine Balingao Kathryn Balinger Charito Balingit Narsel Balingit
Corazon Balingasa Keith Balinger Chona Balingit Natalia Balingit
Ed Balingasa Kevin Balinger Chuchi Balingit Natividad Balingit
Eduardo Balingasa Lacey Balinger Ciriaco Balingit Nona Balingit
Eileen Balingasa Maria Balinger Consuelo Balingit Orfea Balingit
Nancy Balingasa Marla Balinger Corazon Balingit Pablito Balingit
Ricardo Balingasa Mary Balinger Demetria Balingit Pamfilo Balingit
Bienvenida Balingbindan Matthew Balinger Dione Balingit Portia Balingit
Cristepa Balingbing Melody Balinger Dionisio Balingit Quintin Balingit
Gloria Balingbingan Morgan Balinger Ederlyne Balingit Rachelle Balingit
Roberto Balingconga Pam Balinger Edgardo Balingit Rafunzel Balingit
Corazon Balingcongan Ramona Balinger Edilberto Balingit Raulito Balingit
Danilo Balingcongan Raymond Balinger Edison Balingit Razel Balingit
Elisa Balingcongan Richard Balinger Eligio Balingit Relina Balingit
Erlinda Balingcongan Robert Balinger Elma Balingit Remigio Balingit
Henry Balingcongan Ruth Balinger Emiliano Balingit Renaldo Balingit
Irene Balingcongan Shannon Balinger Enrico Balingit Renato Balingit
Jaime Balingcongan Steven Balinger Erwin Balingit Revkah Balingit
Jason Balingcongan Susan Balinger Felisa Balingit Rey Balingit
Jenny Balingcongan Tad Balinger Fil Balingit Reynaldo Balingit
Jonathan Balingcongan Tadeusz Balinger Filemon Balingit Riza Balingit
Julito Balingcongan Tammy Balinger Gale Balingit Robinson Balingit
Maricar Balingcongan Ted Balinger Geronimo Balingit Rodelio Balingit
Merly Balingcongan Teresa Balinger Giovanni Balingit Rodelito Balingit
Myrna Balingcongan Tony Balinger Grazel Balingit Rommel Balingit
Norma Balingcongan Whitney Balinger Hermie Balingit Ronaldo Balingit
Raguel Balingcongan William Balinger Herminia Balingit Rosalee Balingit
Ramon Balingcongan Windy Balinger Ilene Balingit Rosalina Balingit
Romeo Balingcongan Algerico Balinggit Isabelle Balingit Rosalinda Balingit
Vivian Balingcongan Nellie Balinggit Jammie Balingit Rosana Balingit
Ester Balingcos Vivian Balinggongan Jasmin Balingit Shela Balingit
Grace Balingcos Jared Balingham Jenell Balingit Socorro Balingit
Jay Balingcos Carissa Balinghasay Jenellie Balingit Tanis Balingit
Librada Balingcos Celestino Balinghasay Jesusa Balingit Ventura Balingit
Ranier Balingcos Elisa Balinghasay Joana Balingit Veronika Balingit
Raul Balingcos Gregorio Balinghasay Jocelyn Balingit Victorio Balingit
Reynaldo Balingcos Ireneo Balinghasay Jojo Balingit Virce Balingit
Iwan Balinge Josefina Balinghasay Julito Balingit Virgie Balingit
Megan Balinge Nicodemus Balinghasay Justine Balingit Virgilio Balingit
Adam Balinger Patricia Balinghasay Len Balingit Vivencia Balingit
Angela Balinger Rafael Balinghasay Lenchen Balingit Win Balingit
Arthur Balinger Ray Balinghasay Leonardo Balingit Zenaida Balingit
Barbara Balinger Rosario Balinghasay Leonida Balingit Zeny Balingit
Barry Balinger Cindy Balingian Lilia Balingit Elizabeth Balingit-Zytka
Brian Balinger Maryanne Balingip Lilian Balingit Marvin Balingitnocon
Carl Balinger Alejo Balingit Lilibeth Balingit Natalie Balingnt
Cathy Balinger Alissa Balingit

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