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Gabriela Balf to Suellen Balfe
Recent Updates & Additions to US Identify

Gabriela Balf Harry Balfan Richard Balfantz Sven Balfanz
Gail Balf Louis Balfan Ricky Balfantz Tatum Balfanz
Gale Balf Mark Balfan Robert Balfantz Tiana Balfanz
George Balf Sheryl Balfan Rose Balfantz Zonetta Balfanz
James Balf Jim Balfano Rosemary Balfantz Pamela Balfanz-Henrys
Jared Balf Allen Balfantz Russell Balfantz Adnan Balfaqih
Jerry Balf Alton Balfantz Sean Balfantz Maha Balfaqih
Joene Balf Amanda Balfantz Shawn Balfantz Zain Balfaqih
John Balf Amy Balfantz Stacy Balfantz Joyce Balfarotti
Laura Balf Ann Balfantz Stanley Balfantz Tanner Balfary
Louise Balf Annette Balfantz Ste Balfantz Amir Balfas
Marsha Balf Ashley Balfantz Susan Balfantz Jamal Balfas
Michael Balf Barbara Balfantz Teresa Balfantz Martha Balfaur
Monica Balf Beverly Balfantz Trent Balfantz Bonnie Balfay
Nancy Balf Billy Balfantz Verdon Balfantz Christopher Balfay
Oliver Balf Bryan Balfantz Vickie Balfantz Frank Balfay
Patrick Balf Carl Balfantz Viola Balfantz Jody Balfay
Paul Balf Carolyn Balfantz Willie Balfantz Michelle Balfay
Priscilla Balf Carroll Balfantz Abby Balfany Mike Balfay
Ralph Balf Catherine Balfantz Anastasia Balfany Paul Balfay
Robert Balf Chad Balfantz Chauncey Balfany Ruth Balfay
Ruth Balf Cheryl Balfantz Delmar Balfany Lee Balfbaugh
Sandra Balf Christine Balfantz Howida Balfany Dale Balfdat
Sharon Balf Cole Balfantz Jammie Balfany Abbie Balfe
Shawn Balf David Balfantz Linnea Balfany Aimee Balfe
Stacie Balf Dwayne Balfantz Luann Balfany Angelique Balfe
Stephen Balf Edmond Balfantz Marlys Balfany Annamarie Balfe
Susan Balf Edward Balfantz Neeley Balfany Britt Balfe
Thomas Balf Elissa Balfantz Tanner Balfany Carissa Balfe
Todd Balf Erin Balfantz Crissy Balfanydubray Cassie Balfe
Amy Balfa Ernest Balfantz Beckie Balfanz Chantal Balfe
Angel Balfa Eugene Balfantz Bobbi Balfanz Colm Balfe
Angela Balfa Evan Balfantz Bonny Balfanz Cyril Balfe
Anne Balfa Gary Balfantz Breanna Balfanz Debi Balfe
Annona Balfa Glenda Balfantz Brianna Balfanz Dorrace Balfe
Ben Balfa Godfrey Balfantz Carrol Balfanz Florida Balfe
Charles Balfa Gottfried Balfantz Cathey Balfanz Gale Balfe
Cynthia Balfa Jake Balfantz Charla Balfanz Gert Balfe
Deella Balfa Janice Balfantz Colette Balfanz Haven Balfe
Donna Balfa Jennifer Balfantz Dena Balfanz Ines Balfe
Donnelle Balfa Jessica Balfantz Detlef Balfanz Jaymie Balfe
Elsie Balfa Jessier Balfantz Dick Balfanz Joelle Balfe
Harry Balfa Joann Balfantz Dirk Balfanz Joette Balfe
Hope Balfa Joe Balfantz Erron Balfanz Jr Balfe
Jackie Balfa Johnnie Balfantz Glinda Balfanz Julene Balfe
James Balfa Johnny Balfantz Glorie Balfanz Karin Balfe
Jeffery Balfa Jolie Balfantz Ina Balfanz Kendall Balfe
Joshua Balfa Julia Balfantz Jeanie Balfanz Krysten Balfe
Kaeley Balfa Karee Balfantz Kathie Balfanz Liam Balfe
Katrina Balfa Kristie Balfantz Kimi Balfanz Lida Balfe
Kelly Balfa Ladeea Balfantz Kirsten Balfanz Marcy Balfe
Leonard Balfa Laura Balfantz Leanore Balfanz Margarete Balfe
Phyllis Balfa Lena Balfantz Lorinda Balfanz Meg Balfe
Stuart Balfa Linda Balfantz Mellisa Balfanz Melisa Balfe
Timothy Balfa Lisa Balfantz Parker Balfanz Myles Balfe
Tony Balfa Lydia Balfantz Rachelle Balfanz Nona Balfe
Warner Balfa Mark Balfantz Reba Balfanz Noreen Balfe
Thami Balfakir Mary Balfantz Rebekah Balfanz Parris Balfe
Luis Balfama Melissa Balfantz Rob Balfanz Peggie Balfe
Anthony Balfamo Michele Balfantz Sherrie Balfanz Roma Balfe
Giovanni Balfamo Mindy Balfantz Shil Balfanz Seanna Balfe
John Balfamo Nicky Balfantz Stafford Balfanz Suellen Balfe
Claire Balfan Pam Balfantz

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