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Clifford Zalay's Profile
Other Names (AKAs)
I Zalay Clifford • Clifford Zala • Clifford I Zalax • Clifford Zalay • Cliffordl Zalay • Cliff I Zalay • Clifford I Zalay Jr
Recent State
Clifford Zalay Has Lived In These Places
Clearwater, FLPalm Harbor, FLWalkerton, IN
Calumet City, ILLargo, FLSaint Petersburg, FL
Oldsmar, FL  
Clifford Zalay's Friends & Relatives
Businesses Owned by Clifford Zalay
Computerland • Clearwater, FlIntegrated Technology Solutions Of Tampa Bay In • Oldsmar, Fl
Delta Financial Services, Inc • Petersburg, FlZalay Second Family Limited Partnership • Oldsmar, Fl
Zalay First Family Limited Partnership • Oldsmar, FlComputerland • Clearwater, Fl
Integrated Technology Solutions Of Tampa Bay, In • Clearwater, Fl 
Name Popularity & Meaning
Clifford (Male)
149th Most Common male name
English: Lives by the ford near the cliff
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